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After you Buy

A very important part of the decision-making process in property acquisition involves capitalizing the entire project, not simply the land acquisition. Since many of the raw land properties on the Osa are far removed from utilities, in many cases, a new property owner has to start from scratch and put in potable water supply, alternative energy generation, and access prior to even beginning to build. Also, it is standard practice to hire a watchman that lives nearby or on the property itself to take care of property maintenance and to ensure that there are no issues with squatters and to protect infrastructure developed and perhaps tools and equipment left onsite in an initial secure bodega. It will be helpful to have a full appreciation of these costs at the time of buying and having already felt the building market sufficiently to have a feel for the construction costs. While all of this is true, and the time factor is also important in that movements forward are predicated not only by funding but also by permit issuance and other constraining factors, the Costa Rica real estate market has enjoyed remarkable and steady appreciation, and a nice piece of property with a clear title is an excellent investment in its own right.

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