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Property ID:  

Esquinas Raw Land/Beach Front Property :: 15.5197 Hectares :: $375,000


After a 40-minute flight from San Jose through azure skies across the vast expanse of emerald green tropical forest, your plane sweeps low over the deep blue ocean waters on its approach to the small airstrip. As you exit the plane, you are embraced by the warm tropical sun and breeze. Your boat is waiting a short distance from the airstrip, and, for 30 minutes you travel across the magnificent Golfo Dulce, perhaps accompanied by a school of playful dolphins. You may even spot huge marine turtles or an occasional whale. The Golfo Dulce, the "Sweet Gulf" got its name from the large amount of fresh "sweet" water that is added to the waters of the bay by the tropical rains. It is home to the largest rainforest in Central America and is one of the most diverse biospheres on the planet, with more varieties of plant, animals and birds in close proximity than almost any other location in the world. It is one of the few places on earth where rainforest covered mountains plunge directly into the costal waters of the ocean. After your 30 minute boat ride, you step out into the warm (86 degree) crystal clear blue water only a few steps from what could be your own paradise which includes 38 Acres, (15.4 hectares) with 1476 feet of tropical beachfront bordering the magical, mystical Golfo Dulce in Costa Rica. There are no roads; boat is your only access. There will be no sounds of traffic, no ringing telephones, no salesmen at your door. Complete tranquil privacy and seclusion can be yours at this location. The Beach is made of black sand and small pebbles ringed with coconut palms and an incredible green lush jungle background. There are a couple of choice building sites with higher elevations that enhance the view for breathtaking sunsets. A natural spring provides fresh water all year round. This Golfo Dulce Beach Cove and Rainforest Land for sale is an excellent Private Tropical Home setting. Other properties in the area range from $700,000 to $2,000,000 Around a nearby point is the Esquinas River; fresh water, full of snook and known for its diverse wildlife and fishing excellence. Explore its tributaries and mangroves for hours on end. You’ll be lucky if you pass more than a couple of local natives fishing in dugout canoes. Explore the pristine tropical forest on your land and beyond, bordered by Piedras National Park, or sit in the yard and watch the squirrel, white-faced, and howler monkeys, as they play overhead. See hundreds of species of birds, including the common parrots and toucans. This is a birdwatcher's paradise. Golfito is only an hour from Panama, and 1.5 hours to the 3000 foot mountains of San Vito, renowned coffee growing country. Specifications: Total Property Size:15.53 Hectares (38.35 Acres) Titled Portion Size: 8.07 Hectares (19.93 Acres) Beach Portion Size:7.46Hectares (18.42 Acres)

Property Features:
  • Beachfront
  • Ocean View               
  • Access: by boat
Property ID
  Costa Rica
  Puerto Jiménez
Land Type
  Beach Front
Land Use
  Raw Land
Area (hectares)
Area (acres)
Price/Sq. Meter

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