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Esquinas Raw Land/Beach Front Property :: 200 Hectares :: $1,600,000


Come explore this beautiful, beachfront property right on the Golfo Dulce. The whole property is nearly 200 Ha. (almost 500 acres) and boasts about 13 Ha. (30 acres) of manicured gardens while the rest is pristine, primary rainforest. The 1 kilometer of beachfront is used as the garden and living area and the backside of the property, which extends a full 2 km from the beach, slopes into mountains smothered in the dense green that is primary rainforest. The property is currently being used as an eco-lodge and has 7 buildings on the property, along with 6 new tent-cabins. The backside of the property borders with Piedras Blancas National Park—a park famous for its primary rainforest and its plant diversity—meaning that it will remain a rainforest for the foreseeable future. Piedras Blancas is often a destination for biologists studying rare species of trees and medicinal applications of the abundant and diverse flora of this national park. Bordering with Piedras Blancas means that there is no road access to this property—the only way in and out is by boat on the Golfo Dulce. The only noises to accompany your stay here are those of the rainforest, its inhabitants, and the gentle waters of the Golfo Dulce lapping at the shore. While being secluded, serene, and private, the property remains a short boat ride from Golfito (10 minutes) and Puerto Jimenez (30 minutes). Part of the titled portion of the property is within the area of Piedras Blancas National Park that the government has not finished paying for as they sought to protect the entire area ahead of purchasing it. For this reason, the current owners have applied to be compensated for this property and the future owner of this property should expect to be compensated about $ 300,000 when this application is fully processed. At $ 1,800,000, this property is a great value as it’s ready to use now, and has been well-kept by the current owners.

Property Features:
  • Beachfront
  • Ocean View    
  • Primary Forest      
  • On-site Water 
  • Existing Structure
  • Structure description:Two modern and fully equipped homes, one the owner's residence, the second vacation rental, plus two other bungalows used for vacation rentals, the watchman's home, and shop.
  • Access: Water access only!
Property ID
  Costa Rica
Land Type
  Beach Front
Land Use
  Raw Land
Area (hectares)
Area (acres)
Price/Sq. Meter

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