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Matapalo Residential/Ocean Front Property :: 15 Hectares :: $3,900,000


Who says you can’t have it all…?!!! This 15 hectare tract is located in amazing Matapalo and is the second largest tract of property that remains in a single piece. The property extends from the beach to the mountains and up a perennial stream and includes old-growth primary rain forest as well as recovering secondary plus immaculately groomed gardens. The 600 meters of shoreline coincide with the Matapalo region’s eponymous surf break, Matapalo, which is a world-class, technically challenging beach break. Other local famous breaks include the point break Pan Dulce and the beach break Backwash. Across the gulf is the world famous Pavones area, which boasts the longest right hand break in the northern hemisphere. This is a surfer’s paradise! But the Osa is also home to 2.5% of all the plant and animal species in the entire world, including on land and at sea. Expect to regularly see such mammals as coatis, agoutis, four species of monkeys, raccoons, opossums, sloths, anteaters, and peccaries. Harder to see (outside of camera traps) are the other species that prowl around at night: mountain lion, tapirs, ocelots, the jaguar, and many more. The prolific birdlife includes the iconic scarlet macaw, toucans, frigate birds, brown pelicans, and a zillion other species more the province of dedicated birders. This is a wildlife lover’s paradise! But beyond surfing and surfing lessons, tree climbing in Matapalo has a thirty year track record as an organized activity, along with waterfall rapelling. Just a few miles away enjoy organized horseback tours and farther afield sign up for recreational gold mining, birding tours, chocolate tours, sit on top sea and mangrove kayaking and of course snorkeling and scuba diving. This is an active extreme-sporting paradise! The blue water just 5 km off Matapalo point is part of the world’s most extensive sailfish habitat, making the region famous for its sportfishing. Offshore target sailfish, and blue and white marlin for catch-and-release, and yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi and wahoo for the dinner table. Inshore fisheries include: red, black, cubera and yellow snapper, snook, roosterfish, amberjack, African pompano, sea bass, jack crevalle, and oodles and gobs of other species, all waiting for your live bait to hit their depths. Prefer your fishing a little more up close and personal? Take to the water just offshore of this property, where the Matapalo rock is nicknamed Jurassic Park for the giant snappers and other fish that call its prolific habitat home. This is a sportfishing paradise! This property has not been developed. Yes, there is a house on it that has been there for 25 years and has served as the owner’s retreat from the bustle of San Jose and as a budget vacation rental. Plus there is a caretaker’s home. But what this property boasts most notably is sprawling flat grounds steps from the beach and ideal for commercial development of an ecolodge or for transformation into a clutch of dwellings, main home plus bungalows for a unique and world class family compound in paradise! This property is beyond the power grid, so solar power only. It has all the water it can ever need from sources within the property boundaries. It has portions of its maritime that are zoned under Minae’s natural patrimony and portions that are zoned under Municipal jurisdiction. The property has an active Municipal use permit for its maritime extension and is fully titled behind the maritime zone. This property is a world-class stunning show stopper. It has an asking of $3.9 million, or $26 per square meter. Looking for a sprawling piece of paradise to call your own. Look no further: it does not get better than this!

Property Features:
  • Mountains
  • Beachfront
  • Ocean View
  • Mountain View
  • Farmland
  • Ranchland 
  • Primary Forest
  • Secondary Forest
  • Streams
  • Waterfalls   
  • On-site Water  
  • Structure description:two story, two bedroom 1 1/2 bath
  • Access: 30 minutes drive from town, 4WD recommended
Property ID
  Costa Rica
Land Type
  Ocean Front
Land Use
Area (hectares)
Area (acres)
Price/Sq. Meter

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